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White Widow Seeds

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White Widow Info

PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 19%
CLIMATEIndoors and cool or sunny climate
FLOWERS9 weeks
YIELDS18 oz per 3x3ft

White Widow Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

White Widow – a classic of Amsterdam

In 1995, the White Widow won two nominations for the Cannabis Cup at one stroke: in the global competition and the category “Organic Growing”. The smell of White Widow many find pleasant, but the delicate berry or fruit flavors inherent in many sativa hybrids, you will not find here. Why is strain wildly popular? I consider, White Widow is appreciated for the opportunity to grow an energetic sativa of universal purpose without effort and difficulty. As you know, in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, White Widow is most often ordered – its smooth festive action helps tourists maintain their presence of mind, despite the reduced sleep hours. Genetics is Brazilian-Indian.

Cultivation of White Widow Seeds

It is probably the most trouble-free variety, which is primarily advised to beginners. When growing indoors, I advice to give each plant 12-14 liters per root space. When the plants reach half of their size, turn into flowering. The plant accepts any of the existing training methods, but the most productive is ScroG, in some cases LST and super cropping.

With the beginning of flowering, White Widow smells earthy-coniferous with ammonia notes – the smell is quite pungent. As they mature, the top is covered with a distinctive “gray” coating. The variety is very resinous – few Sativa dominant are used to make hash, but with the White Widow, it is practiced. In the open soil, the harvest is in mid-September or early October.

Action White Widow

Strong and good cerebral high action lasts for 1.5 – 2 hours: the muscles relax, any traces of stress and nervous tension leave your body. I recommend to use it at any time of the day (not at bedtime), solitary, and in a company. Artists appreciate White Widow for inspiration and the ability to think outside the box. Young couples love to have sex in the company of these pungent-smelling inflorescences. Also, it is a useful strain to give yourself confidence – in moderate portions. For medical purposes, it is used in chemotherapy, to combat nausea, depression, sleep and appetite disorders, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, Alzheimer’s syndrome.

20 thoughts on “White Widow Seeds”

  1. This strain is primarily Indica, aromatic and resinous. The quantity of resin every sole bud can generate makes up its reduced growth and harvest evaluating with other of our varieties. Its extreme bittersweet fragrance increases with the flowering. 4 weeks of indoor cultivation is suggested so that you can acquire a certain size plants. Outdoor farming is basic because of its strength.

  2. The multi-award winning White Widow is an Indica-Sativa cross from Barney’s Farm Seeds.

  3. The White Widow plants got their name from being white with THC glands even on the big parts of the fan leaves. A soft smoke with an excellent high. Very powerful and great for use as a pain medicine, The White Widow is also easy to grow and delivers nothing but relief.

  4. White Widow was the first White strain and is very famous. This is a high quality plant and a big prize winner from the award-winning High Quality Seeds.

  5. Widow Bomb Seeds via the Bomb Seeds seedbank is an additionally perfect cross, caused by the genetic mixture of a White Widow dad and a Bomb #1 mother cross. Selecting merely the finest genetics from both, these marijuana seeds grab the genetic properties from the infamous Bomb #1 strain. When mixed with the respective White Widow strain the White Widow genetics remain prominent, this is because of years of refinement, thus creating some very prestigious souvenir Seeds. Suited to all avid marijuana seed collectors internationally.

  6. With it’s legend known all around the planet, White Widow is really a true coffee shop classic! This exceptional Indica crossing features a durable stoned effect and is also, obviously, completely snow-dusted with THC, even over the leaves!

  7. best one i think. Overall performance is awesome and sexy.

  8. My thought about White Widow. The bud looks very Attracting , a lot of white crystals covering the bud , had a blunt had me going for 3 hours or more even After ate a meal … Smells lie pine tree with lime smell to it well at least my bash did ha , taste is very sweet lemon type ! πŸ™‚

  9. Grow period. My Experience is that the grow period of whitewidow is about 9 – 10 weeks. By the way the guy in the video looks stoned πŸ˜‰

  10. Recipient of 14 cannabis cups. Since White Widow placed first during the HighTimes CannabisCup bio category 1995, White Widow has grown to be an popular breed within the world of cannabis. A wide range of White widow are offered in nearly every coffee shop in Amsterdam & the remainder of the Netherlands. Probably the most rewarded cannabis plant of past recent years in Holland. White Widow is a compact marijuana plant of mid-sized height. It carries killers crystals, the plants of THC glands, even on massive areas of the fan leaves. A truly soft smoke and superb “high”. White widow is indeed fortunate. It’s the popular marihuana plant to cultivate.

  11. A Durban Sativa was improved for years by De Sjamaan Seeds before crossing it together with the Master Widow, thereby producing the Widow Warrior.

  12. Dinafem Seeds’ Blue Widow is the F1 Indica cross of the amazing Blueberry with the legendary White Widow.

  13. White Widow is regarded as the rewarded assortment of recent years in Holland. The plant appears white of THC-glands, even on big regions of the fan leaves. An extremely soft smoke and wonderful High.

  14. Production could be lower than other strains but this can be compensated through its resin covered flowers, providing excellent strength plus a mix of both physical and mental medicinal effect, that is truly gratifying. Contemplate it could be easily stricken with mould in humid climates and may be harvested up to October 10th, thus it’s ideal to harvest it quickly. White Widow earned respect for all of the right reasons because it was something totally new, different, with a lot more resin than all other strains during that time. After that, we’ve been receiving the legacy from that specific strain. Not so vigorous, they have many side branches which makes them simple to control indoors.

    The flowering period lasts around sixty days indoors, that is essential for optimum resin production; it is advisable to stash every one of them in full darkness throughout the final five days, to boost resin production as much as possible. This method also improves the concentration of essential oils and flavors, so it’s recommended if you prefer a very tasty final product. It’s an indica/sativa hybrid with clear indica predominance, particularly in the growing stage. The leaves are dark, small and shiny, while staying quite wide. The odor of the stems rubbed in between your fingers is deep, sweet and sour and extremely strong; it’s critical to use carbon filters indoors.

  15. White Widow is one that taught me just because resins on a plant don’t need to get you high or that THC ratios cannot cancel each other out. It looks all frosty, and it’s beautiful. It’s really big in Europe because European’s don’t like to get that overpowering high, high like American’s are used to. That’s why they mix it with tobacco. A lot of first-time smokers will smoke it, or people that don’t want a really overpowering high.

    White Widow will grow pretty much anywhere. I’ve seen it grown in all kinds of situations. White widow usually averages about four or five feet tall. White Widow averages about 70-72 days. White Widow usually averages about four to six ounces if it’s a full-grown plant, and if somebody really babies it, I’ve seen it go down as bad as one.

    White Widow is very similar to like C99, the Cinderella 99, a bunch of the American sativas. It’s been bred and copied here.

  16. When it needs to be white! White Widow found it’s break-through in the middle 1990’s with its buds so packed with resin that it looks “sugared”, with a tremendous knock-out stone. Sadly it was a minimal yielding strain. Within the last 7 years we prevailed to boost it to a medium yielding strain devoid of losing its tremendous character. The plants may be placed on 12/12 hrs after two weeks and they will stay short.

  17. White Widow is an well known exotic strain with genes from all over the world: Brazil and India. It has a pungent smell and a spicy peppery side taste. It comes on fast and produces a very intense fast flowing effect. Get ready for a solid high and a nice stoned feeling.

  18. The spine from the Dutch coffee-shop industry, the eldest from the “white” varieties along with an all-round commercial success tale, White Widow is among the most favored cannabis strains in contemporary growing. Although this is somewhat triggered by the memorable title, her yield, speed and stunningly heavy resin covering have a much more regarding it. Mostly-Indica, with sweet, dense, acrid smoke that features a hammering stone, White Widow is a major aspect of many visitors’ first experience with Amsterdam.

  19. G13 Labs White Widow Feminized Seeds is deemed as the most if not the most reputable names on this planet of Seeds strains.

  20. Proudly presenting another pair of awesome marijuana seeds belonging to the Genehtik Seed Bank, Zuri Widow. These esteemed Seeds boast a lengthy history, where they are provided from in the Basque area of Spain. Getting it’s genetics mainly from a White Widow strain this Indica dominant strain has additionally been crossed along with a cannabis seed strain with Brazilian origin. This indica dominant crossbreed is among the most hottest souvenir Seeds in the marketplace and has demonstrated favored by many souvenir seed connoisseurs.