Who’s In The House At The 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup

Who's In The House At The 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup

The Devils Harvest Seeds

“We’re having a fine time with our Rollex OG Kush. We are hanging with the Cannabis Cup, and educating people about organic. We use Vegaincs — a new additive. We love it because you get a clean smoke all the time. You can find our strains at: The Green Place, Green Voyagers, Grey Area, The Dampering and most of the coffee shops.”

Hemp Hoodlamb and TH-Seeds

Douglas and The Medicine Man from TH-Seeds say: “It’s the 20th anniversary of TH-Seeds and Hempworks [oldest hemp store in the world, located right here in Amsterdam]. We started Hempworks and TH-Seeds at the same time, and to celebrate were giving all the judges “drop seeds not bombs” MK-Ultra feminized seeds.”


Shane says: “Next year we are going to do to collaborations with different artists and plan to make smaller and larger sized containers – 12-dram and 30-dram sized [now offer 20-dram, holds about an eighth]. We have opened up our own distribution pushing our smoking products: TSD worldwide.”

Cloud Penz

Bart says: “This is our first cup in Amsterdam. The whole pen movement is taking off worldwide, which is amazing, but we are most interested in maintaining our quality. We are now making Cloud Fuel 11x refined butane — some of the finest butane out there, and we are also working on some big collaboration. Also be on the lookout for our custom prints, 26 colors patent-pending and our new atomizers and whole new website upgrade.”

Big Buddha Seeds

Milo says: “Our main Cannabis Cup entry is Big Buddha Cheese, which we entered through our coffee shop, Prix Dami. We entered in every category: Big Buddha Cheese (Indica), Endonesia (Sativa) and Sour Cheese (Hybrid and HIGH TIMES top 10 strain of the year). We also entered for Best Product: you can find our Big Buddha oil containers in the Cannabis Cup gift bags along with free seed and lighter.”

Hitman Glass

Dougie says: “Hitman Glass always loves coming to Amsterdam for the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. It’s exciting to share our products with other people because the US glass world is so different than the international glass world. We’re really excited to be set up with Mila and promote the ‘Dab-A-Doo’ event tonight. The hash in Amsterdam is fire; it’s different, but its fire!”

Grassroots California

Max says, “We have had the HIGH TIMES official hat for the Cup this year. For the 26th anniversary we made 420 hats; we’re donating proceeds back to NORML for marijuana reform laws. We just came out with a bunch of new sweatshirts and flannels that people love and we plan on doing more tradeshows in US and Europe.”

Loud Seeds

James says, “We’ve invested a lot in to this Cup, and we’re really happy with it so far. We have five entries in the competition plus a glass entry here at the Expo. This is our second year at the Cup… we came and won a cup last year for hybrid with Loudscout. We never thought that would happen, we thought it would take at least five or six Cups before we won anything.”

Cloud V

Aristotle says: “It’s amazing to see the cultural differences between here and the US, and I love how it brings everyone together for a common bond — it’s a cool thing to see. We also love to see how different cultures react to vaporizers, because in most cases they have never seen one before. We’ve been getting a really good response. People are trying to figure out what to put in the pens. A lot of Europeans don’t have access to concentrates, but they know this is the future, especially because e-cigs are so big everywhere. “

DNA Genetics

Don and Aaron say: “This is our 10th year doing business as a company, but my first Cannabis Cup was in 1998. I came as a judge and did the tourist thing. We started entering in 2004 and we won third place and for us, that was it. That started it. This year, we are releasing the two fems: a Strawberry Banana Special for the Cup and the Tangie Kosher. We have our stuff locally at the Bushdoctor, Voyagers hotel, The Grey Area… we’re really all over town actually.”