Why Legalization Of Marijuana In The Name Of Weed Medicine Can Prove Harmful

Why Legalization Of Marijuana In The Name Of Weed Medicine Can Prove Harmful

Medical need for sensitive items such as marijuana is quite becoming the talk of the town in many a US state. With Washington and Colorado already legalizing its usage, other states are increasingly under pressure to adopt the same. The concept of weed medicine is what that has given rise to this situation and though many still oppose its legalization, the event is expected to happen soon everywhere.

Studies are pointing out that a rising number of people are now in support of the decision to legalize usage of Marijuana. Figure wise, nearly 52 per cent of the respondents of a survey, was of the opinion that Marijuana should be legalized.

The best part of this fact and figures is that, way back in 1969 just 18 per cent of a similar survey were rooting for the legalization of marijuana while the rest was against it. So it is evident that very soon the legalization would reach its pinnacle point.

Interestingly a recent San Diego Mayor’s Ordinance on marijuana was quite a suitable addition to this fact. According to the ordinance, medical cannabis dispensaries would be allowed to operate in industrial and commercial areas. But there are certain buffer restrictions to their operation while operating in sensitive areas. If there is a school nearby, a minimum buffer of 600 feet should be observed and a minimum of 1000 feet buffer should be in place between two medical dispensaries dealing with cannabis.

This comes in the wake of other states letting out with conflicting reports of high usage of marijuana or weed among the youth, especially under age kids. So will the legalization of marijuana and the subsequent adoption of the trend of medical cannabis be worth a risk worth taking?

The answer is not clear because only time will tell whether the decision was right or fatally wrong. The problem is that even though there are restrictions and constraints on the open selling of marijuana, many people would tend to violate rules.

So, in the name of weed medicine, the marijuana addicts might try to obtain weed that they will then use for recreational purposes. Only if legal rules are strictly enforced, without any room for compromise, will the legalization of its usage prove any use. Otherwise, the risks will be too high to counter and very soon drastic measures may be needed to solve bad consequences of such a move.