Why Smoking Weed Is Not As Bad As It Seems?

Why Smoking Weed Is Not As Bad As It Seems?

Why do you think April 20 is such a special day for those smoking pot? Pot smokers across the country follow a rare tradition of smoking pot on this day exactly at 4:20 PM. It is not just a symbolic representation of smoking weed but moreover, this move is seen as a way to spread the news about smoking weed effects that indeed are good. Obviously, everyone hears about the bad sides of smoking weed but many smokers believe that there are good things associated with it as well. The feel good effect created by Marijuana is the best example put forward by smokers to demonstrate its goodness.

Lot of people do not know what the element is that gives weed its feel good effect. Let us explain that part a bit. There is a chemical present in marijuana called THC. It stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This ingredient is responsible for creating the sort of pleasure that is associated with marijuana smoking. What it does is not very clear scientifically but what we can say at this point about THC is as follows.

THC interacts or more specifically, it reacts with the receptors of the brain cell called cannabinoid receptors. They make the brain feel that it is relaxed and in a state of pleasure or what we more commonly refer to as a feel good condition. THC has a natural way to make it to the brain receptors because substances similar to THC are manufactured in our body itself. Hence, there will not be any objection to the flow of THC to the brain because the brain perceives it as a natural occurrence.

The so-called THC like substances produced by our body are used in a wide variety of normal brain functions and hence the brain realizes its importance. However, the main problem with THC is over its consumption. If you smoke weed in excess, then more of this chemical gets to interact with your brain cells and as a result, the brain continues to be in a state of pleasure. What happens ultimately is that you get addicted to smoking weed, as the brain would obviously want to retain its state of comfort and pleasure. So you will crave for weed and hence the addiction.

So smoking weed effects are not bad as it seems. If there are proper restrictions, then it is not at all a serious issue to be concerned of.