World of Seeds Review

World of Seeds Review

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For those who are looking for the best seeds when growing a home garden, there are many resources to consider when you are looking for information, you are going to want to use all sources. So, if you are looking for information on how to grow, which seeds to choose to grow, and the optimal growing conditions, in order to ensure you get the best and largest buds, when you are building up your home garden. One great resource to consider, especially when you are starting with your garden, and are new to growing, you will want to turn to Not only will it offer you a listing of various seeds, and how to order them, and which seeds you are going to want to consider for your home garden. The site offers seeds from all regions including Dutch grown, Canadian grown, Jordanian islands, and several other seeds to consider. Additionally, when you click on the links for the particular seed, you are going to get the full information guide on that seed, the ordering information, and what you will want to consider when you are growing that particular seed in your home based garden. When considering the site as a whole, there are both pros and cons to the site, that the grower is going to have to consider when using the site, and they are going to also want to reference other sources, in order to get the full detailed information about the seeds, and how to grow them.


  • The site is laid out simple and orderly format
  • Offers an in depth review of the seed as well as optimal growing tips
  • Ordering information and process are quite basic and simple to follow
  • Wide variety of payment options


  • A bit lacking in basic content regarding certain seeds
  • In depth seed descriptions are often not available
  • Site does not offer too many pictures

Whether it is because these seeds are not ordered as often, or because there is not enough information to talk about, the site does lack in the information about certain seeds. So, if you are looking at those seeds, where there is limited information, a visitor to the site is going to have to reference several other sites, and go to many other locations, in order to get an in depth look at those seeds. Additionally, the site is a bit cluttered, and does not offer too many pictures, which some visitors might want to see, especially if they are a visual learner. The lack of information on certain seeds, makes for a weaker site, in turn, will require a person using it, to reference other sites, espeically for pictures, and on growth patterns for certain seeds.

Overall, the site is pretty in depth, has several seeds (from all over the world), offers easy ordering options, and is an easy to navigate site, for the home grower, looking to try out new cannabis seeds. Additionally, the site offers a great deal of ordering options, and offers a full line of seed to consider, when you are going to place an order. However, the site is a bit lacking when it comes to information on how to grow, what additional elements are going to be needed when growing (growth lights, nutrients, wind flow and air flow, Co2, and a few other concepts when it comes to growing), so the visitor to the site will have to reference outside sources for these concepts.

But, for a basic site, which offers the ability to order seeds from around the world, for a reasonable price, and offers a basic degree of growing information (more than enough for the amateur grower to use), you are going to love the set up of It is a great reference point, a great ordering site, and a site that one should reference either way, if they are considering ordering their seeds. So, whether one ends up ordering from the site or not, they are going to get a basic look at several seeds, they will get basic growth patterns and growing conditions for these seeds, and they are going to get a fair amount of information on the seeds the site sells. Plus, if the visitor to the site does decide to order from, they are going to find the easiest checkout and ordering options, they will get their products quickly, and they are going to find great customer service and ease of finding answers (from customer service reps), when you are ready, or are considering making a purchase when you turn to for the purchase of cannabis.

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