You Can’t Spell Homegrown Weed Without Home DePot

You Can't Spell Homegrown Weed Without Home DePot

Irony is a beautiful thing. How incredibly fitting that one of America’s largest chains of mega hardware stores, with thousands of locations throughout the country is known as “Home De-Pot.” Ironic in the sense, that Home Depot was originally intended to allow Americans to bring out their own personal flavor in home remodeling; not providing all of the necessary products any home cultivator might need to set up a tight little efficient grow room– for approximately $150.00

The fact of the matter remains, the basic requirements of your average grow room can easily be acquired at such a finely equipped stores: duct tape, synthetic twine, a wall-mounted oscillating fan, both 1 gallon and 6 gallon buckets, a heavy duty timer, black– 2 mil visqueen or plastic sheeting, a staple gun, some plastic cable ties, you bags of potting mix, a power strip and even a low wattage metal halide light (though this is where you should upgrade a notch). While Home Depot has some 150 Watt metal halide lights available, it is recommended that you spend a little more, in order to get the proper grow light designed for your situation, preferably in the 250 to 400 Watt range.

Constructing a closet garden can be quick, fun and easy. After checking to make sure that you can hit a stud in your designated grow area, hang your lights in the approximate center of your new cultivation space. Use the black the Visqueen sheeting to make sure you have a light-tight entrance to your new clandestine grow room. Hanging two sheets visqueen so they overlap, makes for a basic, yet easy center entrance. Staple, then tape each side of the visqueen sheeting above the door frames entrance on the inside of the closet, one a left side one on the right. Duct tape will seal the entrance from any light getting in and the plastic sheeting laid out on the floor will prevent any soil, water, or other messes from occurring. Install your fans (intake low, outtake high) in the middle of the wall. Set your timer’s and plug in your lights – fill your bucket with organic soil or a hydroponic grow medium, throw in some clones… And you are just a few short months from harvesting your own chronic Bud.