Zamnesia Seeds Review

Zamnesia Seeds Review

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Zamnesia has catered to the needs potheads and psychonauts since 2002, growing into Europe’s largest online seedshop, headshop, smartshop and lifestyle shop. After all of the years supplying seeds from global breeders, it only seemed natural to start our own line of seeds, using some of the best genetics available on the market.

With years of experience in all things cannabis, we are now proud to present the Zamnesia Seeds line of cannabis — each is a real jewel! Being friends of Mother Nature, all of our seeds are produced naturally. Zamnesia only offers seeds taken from organically grown mother plants, reared with organic fertilizers in naturally enhanced soil.

3 thoughts on “Zamnesia Seeds Review”

  1. Dance Hall is a plant of medium size, with average flowering, offering a production in the average. Cultivating itself as well in indoor as in outdoor, Dance Hall will charm you firstly by his beauty, with his colours crimsons in lower part of the 20C; then by its savour marked and finally by its durable cerebral effect. A new variety to be tested for the greatest pleasure.

  2. For any individual keen on Diesel variations here is the new hybrid released using this famous plant. Flash Seeds have stabilized this cross which is the outcome of NYC Diesel, Shark Attack mixed with Lowryder #2. It posseses an incredibly strong aroma and the plants are totally engrossed in crystal glands.

  3. Very heavy branched with a beatiful sweet and tropical taste this strain is similar to Malawi Gold but cultivated on the highlands of Zambia.