Zenseeds Review

Zenseeds Review

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Our House here, is constantly evolving, so stay tuned for new additions to the bag of zen genetics.

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  1. The upcoming generation of Love Potion is here. They are sativa inspired Love Potion which are absolutely stable, providing massive yields of huge buds which are caked along with resin and over loaded with lemony love. It is really an incredible strain which yields just like Big Bud blooming in 9-10 weeks flowering time. Love Potion has become the recipient of countless cannabis awards such as the ’04 High Times Cannabis Cup for the very best sativa.

  2. In order to dispense you with the best possible chance of purple plants we have combined our Grandaddy Purple mother with super colourful Casey Jones. Sweet purple candy flavours with hints of diesel and a musky skunk edge. A mouth-watering delight as beautiful to check out as she is to consume. Make sure they are entirely ripe and very well flushed to encourage colour to come through.

  3. With Karma Genetics Seeds Happy Brother BX2, expect much more HB dominat pheno’s Compared to the BX1. It’s a whole indica strain, making great rocky plants with wide leaves that do not need any assistance in flower, react excellent to topping. Its all concerning flavor with this particular one, and you obtain a hard hitting indica effect from it. Enjoy.